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Bunkering standards

Bunkering standards

Norway took the initiative to establish an ISO Working Group under the ISO’s Technical Committee 67 (ISO TC 67 WG 10). The aim of this working group is to develop international technical specifications for the bunkering of gas-fuelled ships, especially with respect to the LNG bunkering systems and the technical specifications thereof, the staff involved and the overall risk of the LNG bunkering activity.


After 2014 this technical specification can lead to an international standard. On its own, the standard is not binding, and will only become so if authorities make its use mandatory by including it in relevant regulations. 

Further reading

Bunkering checklist

IAPH’s WPCI LNG working group has developed harmonized bunkering checklists for LNG operations in ports. Implemented harmonized bunker checklists will be of great benefit to the vessels bunkering LNG in different ports, as this will reduce the potential for confusion caused by having to comply with different rules and regulations in different ports.