LNG as shipping fuel in the port of Brunsbüttel

On 18.10.2011 Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH and Gasnor AS, a company of Shell, agreed on bunkering vessels with LNG in the Elbehafen at Brunsbüttel, Germany. With this important step they are leading the way in offering LNG fuel at Brunsbüttel and the Northern German area, at the crossing of the river Elbe and the Kiel-Canal.


In the context of generally increasing demands in environmentally conscious acting, also in shipping, eco-friendly fuel is a forward-looking issue. The fuel LNG (liquefied natural gas) is an environmentally-friendly alternative for so far used ship fuels and already in use in many Countries, such as Norway, for quite some years.


Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH has contractually provided Gasnor with near-pier areas for erecting LNG tanks (subject to approval by the authorities). The erection of a fuel-depot is planned, expected to grow continuously. The planned erection of the LNG fuel depot provides a safe, reliable and cost-effective way for fueling sea vessels and barges with the environmentally friendly fuel LNG.


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