LNG in Port of Gothenburg

To make it easier for shipping, industry and heavy transport to gain access to natural gas, an LNG terminal will be built in Gothenburg. Behind the investment are Swedegas and Vopak in collaboration with the Port of Gothenburg. The terminal will be built beside Vopak's facility at the Skarvik Harbour and will become operational in 2015.

The LNG terminal supports Gothenburg's vision of being a sustainable city. For the Port of Gothenburg, it means development of the energy business and to offer customers a fuel that could heighten their competitiveness even further.

On completion, the total capacity will be approximately 30,000 m3. The terminal will have vacuum-insulated, pressurised storage tanks and a full containment tank, which comprises an inner stainless steel tank for the cooled liquid (LNG) and an outer reinforced concrete shell. Processing equipment is also being built in order to regasify the liquefied natural gas, allowing it to be distributed to the nearby gas transmission grid.

Port of Gothenburg is investing in an infrastructure and working to ensure that rules and regulations are in place for safe handling. Offering liquefied natural gas to the shipping industry is one of the top priorities at the port, and the aim is to be able to offer LNG as part of a cohesive logistics chain.

The liquefied natural gas will be collected from a variety of sources, including the GATE import terminal in Rotterdam. The location in Gothenburg also opens the way for LNG to be transported by road and rail to parts of Sweden that up to now has had little or no access to natural gas. The terminal can also be linked to the gas grid. Bunkering will take place exactly as it does today – from a bunker vessel while the vessel is loading and unloading.


Cecilia Carlsson, Corporate Communications Manager, Port of Gothenburg, +46 (0)31-731 22 45.