LNG as shipping fuel in the Port of Gijón

BLUE CHANGE arises when thinking of a business model of the Port of Gijón in relation to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). With the conclusion of the construction of the regasification plant in the Port of Gijón the Port Authority should develop a business model around it to maximize the benefit that this plant can report. This business model should include several lines, both conventional and innovative.

In relation to finding innovative lines around the LNG business, BLUE CHANGE aims to explore alternative scenarios, in which the conditions of the market are not yet clearly defined, thus trying to find an opportunity that gives the Port of Gijón a competitive advantage over other ports. The main alternative scenario is to investigate the use of LNG as fuel for ship propulsion and BLUE CHANGE objective pursued is the definition of a business model of the Port of Gijón in relation to LNG, in which the bunkering with LNG is integrated with other development opportunities around this new traffic.


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