LNG as shipping fuel in the Port of Amsterdam

Port of Amsterdam has designed the ‘Groene kade’ (Green Quay) in Amerikahaven to enable safe bunkering from a tanker truck into an inland navigation vessel or small ocean-going vessel. LNG is a clean fuel which is a promising alternative to marine fuel. The Port of Amsterdam encourages clean shipping in the port.

Two Dutch ships currently run entirely on LNG, the Greenstream and the Greenrhine, and one ship - the Argonon - uses dual fuel technology (LNG and gas oil mixed). More ships are under construction. Using LNG as a fuel provides major environmental benefits; vessels emit up to 25% less CO2, up to 80% less NOx, up to 100% less SO2 and also 100% less soot and fine particles than current inland navigation vessels.

Port of Amsterdam is Europe’s fourth largest port and plays a large role in the transhipment and processing of energy products. Port of Amsterdam actively promotes cleaner fuels, including LNG. As an energy port, we are pleased to contribute to the process of making ship fuels greener. Together with our partners, we are currently developing plans to convert green gas to the even cleaner bio-LNG, which will make it possible to reduce CO2 emissions even further.


Port of Amsterdam is committed to being a smart port and to adding value for customers and the environs in a sustainable and innovative manner. It seeks to promote growth at companies, while still taking a careful approach to the available space and the quality of water, soil and air. Port of Amsterdam aims to achieve this through intensive cooperation with partners in the business community (national and international), city and region.

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