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Use and editing of bunker checklists

Editing of bunker checklists

If you would like to receive editable copies of the checklists contained in this section of the ”WPCI LNG fuelled vessels” Website, please enter your name, the name of your organization and the E-mail address in the appropriate positions below and click on “Submit” to indicate that you understand and agree to these conditions.


After receipt, an editable copy of the checklist(s) and the WPCI logo will be transmitted to your Email address as soon as possible.


If you have any suggestion to change / improve the existing text of a question or to include additional question(s) please advise the IAPH LNG Administrator using the Contact function on the Home page of the website. Your suggestions will be conveyed to the IAPH LNG Working Group for its consideration; the Group that meets on a regular basis, would be pleased with your participation.


Bunker checklist
IAPH’s WPCI LNG working group has developed harmonized bunker checklists for LNG operations in ports. Implemented harmonized bunker checklists will be of great benefit to the vessels bunkering LNG in different ports, as this will reduce the potential for confusion caused by having to comply with different rules and regulations in different ports.