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LNG as shipping fuel in the port of Hamburg

Clean energy for the environment

The Hamburg Port Authority is promoting the use of environmentally friendly fuels. The coming years will see the installation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities to supply ships in the port of Hamburg. Simultaneously, eco-friendly energy concepts such as, for instance, shore power supply are being worked on. By considering the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) in its schedule of fees and charges, the HPA already offers financial incentives to ships with better environmental performance: their port dues are lower.


LNG as fuel in the port’s own fleet

In addition to facilitating shore side infrastructure the Hamburg Port Authority has started a study to find out wetherwhether it is feasible to equip its new planned vessel with LNG fuelled engines.


Planned LNG bunkering facilities

Within the project smartPort Energy, which is focussed on alternative energy in the port, barges will provide alternative power to ships at birth. The electricity will be produced by LNG driven generators.


LNG barges

Depots for marine fuels and gasoline exist at various port locations. The operator BominLinde LNG pursues the construction of small-scale LNG storage and bunkering facilities by mid-2015. The planned terminal would be able to receive from as well as supply ships and trucks. 



Harbour police and the harbour master´s office will themselves specify the preliminary safety regulations for bunker procedures and filling procedures of shore side LNG terminals as the authorities are responsible for regulating the handling of dangerous goods. Special permits will be granted in the beginning until the port regulations are amended. The objective is to allow bunkering of LNG at all berths.


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